How we measure paddle length

NOTICE: Many brands constantly shift their measurement system creating exceptions to the chart below. Please see our list of exceptions to ensure they do not apply to you.

When in doubt, please measure manually as per the diagram below or contact us.

Infinity Custom Goalie Stick Paddle Measurement

Please note that many other brands measure paddle length differently. Here's a quick reference chart to find your equivalent paddle.

Infinity Goalie Paddle Length Measurement Goalie Stick Paddle Length Bauer CCM Vaughn Passau Sher-wood Warrior


1. Warrior 27.5" paddles are 28.5" with Infinity (i.e. add 1" instead of 1.5")

2. Bauer NXG sticks with the P31 curve are 1" bigger than other paddle lengths (i.e. 26.5" = 27.5")

3. Junior and intermediate sticks may require a different conversion formula. The best strategy is to measure manually or contact us for help. Our 23" junior stick is the same size as Bauer and Warrior foam core 21" sticks. Please also note that junior foam core sticks scale the size of the blade down to maintain the weight balance of the stick while many junior composite sticks use senior-sized (bigger) blades. 

4. If using a Pro Stock/Pro Return stick (any brand) they generally measure using the same system as us, but we've found their measurements to be very inconsistent. Please measure manually as per the diagram above or contact us for help prior to ordering.

5. Customers coming from Bauer 1S sticks (P31 curve) have found they need to add 2" to get to our measurement (and have found their 1S sticks 1" longer than their NXG sticks labeled with the same measurement).