About Us

Our Mission (far from impossible)

You’ve got to look good to play good…or is it if you can’t play good at least you should look good? Either way, the point is you need a sick setup if you want to tend the crease in hockey's most important position.

But what good does that $3000 you spent on custom padding do if you’re pairing it with a plain ol’ stock stick?

At Infinity we’ve got one belief: the twig should always match the leather.

Other manufacturers make that tough though:

  • Insanely long lead times
  • Confusing ordering systems
  • Retailers taking unnecessarily large cuts
  • Lack of 100% online ordering for Canadians (c'mon...we're the home of hockey!)

Now, you’re just clicks away from becoming an Instagram sensation with that last piece of your custom gear puzzle!



InfinityGoalie.com is a Kaleidosports brand. Kaleidosports is a sporting goods company that runs several other hockey-related online stores including: JerseysMadeEasy.com, CanadianJerseySuperstore.com and ShopInline.ca.